Flora, Goddess Art, Riverscapes, watercolour


Waterfall I came across this attractive waterfall when I was away filming in Tuscany, Italy. The region is full of art cities and little picturesque villages with a huge cultural heritage. But is also extraordinary because of its fascinating landscape, with its bucolic countryside and rolling hills. I loved this waterfall’s handsome rocks, the tumbling water… Continue reading Waterfall

Flora, Goddess Art, watercolour


Hydrangea A few years ago a Chinese artist taught me how to produce beautiful watercolour pictures using  only 3 colours of watercolour paint…a red, a yellow and a blue (each diluted with water), plus a large sheet of good quality watercolour paper.   I planned a focal point – a flower head - then used masking… Continue reading Hydrangea

Flora, Goddess Art, Landscapes, Norwegian Fjords, oils on board, Riverscapes, watercolour

GoddessArt – Riverscapes

I am very fortunate to live close to the majestic River Thames.  With so much natural beauty and interesting venues nearby it‘s a joy to sit and paint “en plein air”, weather permitting! I paint in a variety of mediums.  My oil paintings are usually large and on board, whereas my watercolour paintings are usually… Continue reading GoddessArt – Riverscapes

Fauna, Flora, Gardens, Goddess Art, Landscapes, oils on board, Scotland, watercolour

GoddessArt – Landscape painting

For me landscape painting can be both challenging and exciting as I try to capture the light and scene around me.  If it’s possible to paint outdoors in the traditional way…en plain air …I find it most rewarding.  Once I’ve chosen my view I sit quietly and just observe.  Very soon I become immersed in… Continue reading GoddessArt – Landscape painting

Caribbean, Fauna, Flora, Goddess Art, oils on board, watercolour

GoddessArt – The Caribbean

For many years I have been fortunate enough to visit many of the beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Two islands in particular are special to me…St Lucia and Grenada. On both islands I have taught fitness and wellbeing during the holiday season to guests at special Health Resorts for over 25 years. I have also… Continue reading GoddessArt – The Caribbean