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GoddessArt – Landscape painting

For me landscape painting can be both challenging and exciting as I try to capture the light and scene around me.  If it’s possible to paint outdoors in the traditional way…en plain air …I find it most rewarding. 

Once I’ve chosen my view I sit quietly and just observe.  Very soon I become immersed in the atmosphere and find the vista and colours around me inspirational to paint.

However painting outdoors takes some organising and necessitates carrying equipment, paints, brushes, water, chairs and some sort of easel before I can even get started. 

And …I need to pray for fine weather as I will be in situ for many hours!  I find watercolours and acrylics are the most practical mediums for me to use when I paint landscapes. 

More convenient than oils to carry both mediums dry quickly making it easier to safely transport the picture home. 

Before I do pack up at the end of the day I take a photograph of the scene for reference which I can use to continue my painting back in my “studio”.

“en plein air” on Thames
Alderney Watercolour 10×14 ins
Devon Watercolour 10×14 ins

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