Flora, Gardens, Goddess Art

GoddessArt – Gardens

Although I only have a small garden plot at home I am a very keen gardener.   However I always find plenty of inspiration to paint – in other people’s beautiful gardens and my local parks.  Painting in oils on large boards gives me the best opportunity to capture the vibrant scenery and stunning shapes and colours I see around me. 

Sitting quietly painting outdoors “en plein air” takes a bit of organising, especially when I am paint in oils.  However the results can be very satisfying and well worth the effort.  But successfully getting a freshly painted oil picture back home at the end of the day needs careful transporting.  And,it needs patience, to wait approx 3 days for my painting to dry in order for me to continue working on the picture.

All pictures are approx. 16 x 20 ins and painted in oils on board

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