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A Chinese Method of painting

One particular Art Class I attended was very interesting. The teacher was from China and he taught us how to produce beautiful watercolour pictures using a unique method. You need only 3 colours of watercolour paint…a red, a yellow and a blue, plus a large sheet of good quality watercolour paper. 

Prepare by squeezing a liberal amount (approx 1 inch) of paint from each colour tube into 3 individual small glass pots and add 2 teaspoonful of water to each of the 3 pots.  Stir in colour using a good sized brush. Now plan your picture with an important focal point….a flower head, bird or a fish for example and simply draw the outline only of your focal point (no details).  With masking fluid paint and cover the basic shape of your focal point completely, then leave to dry flat on table or desk.

When masking fluid is completely dry thoroughly wet and soak all of your paper using a large brush. Shake off excess water and place paper down flat on desk or table. Whist paper is still damp use your large individuals brushes and liberally drip your 3 colours onto the damp paper at random with no conceived plan. Do not touch paint or paper with fingers or brushes but leave wet paint to spread and colours to merge at random. 

Be patient and allow paper to dry thoroughly, you will be surprised and excited by the unexpected abstract result.   Peel off the masking tape and start working in detail on your focal point.  But observe the colours and shapes that have occurred, use your imagination and start to visualise, create and build up the background as much or as little as you want to.

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