Flora, Goddess Art, watercolour

GoddessArt -Flowers

Watercolours on paper

Sizes…..10 x14 or 12 x 16 inches

When I go travelling I like to include a small box of watercolour paints, a few brushes and a pad of watercolour paper in my suitcase. 

I am a keen gardener and love colourful flowers and plants, so if I can find an opportunity I excuse myself from my host and hostess to enjoy the sensational vibrant colours of plants growing in their garden.

Watercolour painting can be a quick and pleasing way to capture the beauty of plants around me, and this is particularly so when I travel to warmer climes where I get the opportunity to paint exotic flowers.

I find this exciting and even a simple dabbling for an hour with my watercolours can provide me with colourful memories of happy times and fun in the sun!

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