Wiltshire fields of rapeseed

The acres of yellow fields and rolling hills  you see, especially driving down the M4 motorway through Wiltshire are a joy to behold. Yellow, being my favourite colour, plus the fact that I come from the West Country, makes the spring spectacle of this bright yellow crop special and a sure sign that winter is almost behind us.

Rapeseed (or oilseed rape) provides a key and early food source for bees and pollinators and makes a variety of products, including edible vegetable oils for cooking, animal feed and even biodiesel. It’s a member of the mustard or cabbage family and is the third largest source of vegetable oil and the second largest source of protein meal in the world. It’s naturally rich in omega oils, vitamin E and antioxidants. 

Acrylics on canvas  Size 20×16 inches

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