Birds, Fauna, Goddess Art



We don’t need to look very far to find amazing wildlife here in the UK, because it’s on our doorstep!  It is in our countryside, back gardens, and even in the middle of busy cities.  

At the start of Covid I was out in my back garden when a fledging Robin fell from his nest.  He lay motionless face down on my lawn, beak in the grass, wings outstretched.   Both his distraught mother and I watched with concern for an hour or so until he eventually gathered enough strength and courage to move on.

Over the next few months I was able to watch him grow to be big, strong and brave, often coming up to my back door to be fed meal worms by me

Acrylics on canvas. Size 12 x 12 ins

GoddessArt – Gardens

GoddessArt – The Caribbean

GoddessArt -Still Life

GoddessArt -Flowers

Cruising brings the world to my easel

Back home in my “studio” painting

Norwegian Fjords

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