We don’t need to look very far to find amazing wildlife here in the UK, because it’s on our doorstep!  Bird watching is in our countryside, back gardens, and even in the middle of busy cities.  Getting closer to nature has quite a few physical, mental and social advantages. A study from the University of Exeter  found that people living in neighbourhoods with more birds and tree cover are less likely to have depression, anxiety and stress.  

Birds are amazing animals and we are surrounded by these beautiful, colourful, intelligent and vocal flying creatures. I have a small suburban garden but it is bird friendly and Covid has given me time to observe the local bird community more than ever before.  I regularly top up my bird feeders and am rewarded by an astonishing variety of flying visitors.

These I can observe and paint up close and personal whilst I’m inside or outside of my conservatory “studio”. I take great delight watching their antics and listening to their songs. I just love to watch the birds in their natural habitats whilst I breathe in the fresh air, soak up the sun’s rays, and appreciate all that’s going on in the great outdoors.

Some of my feathered friends have become very confident and close to me, so long as I remain quiet and controlled whilst painting them.When I am abroad on my travels I take photos of the exotic birds I see  on location  which I use as reference to paint from when I’m back at home.

My paintings vary in size but most are 12 x 16 inches. Some are in Watercolour but many of them are in Acrylics on canvas which I prefer.

GoddessArt – Gardens

GoddessArt – The Caribbean

GoddessArt -Still Life

GoddessArt -Flowers

Cruising brings the world to my easel

Back home in my “studio” painting

Norwegian Fjords

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